Case study of Housing Lab and Venture partnership:


Esusu is a platform for large multifamily owners and operators providing (1) on time rent reporting to the credit bureaus, (2) housing stability loans, and (3) predictive analytics to improve renter financial health and landlord cash flow.

When they applied to the Housing Lab, they had a team of 7 and had raised $300k in outside capital.

The Housing Lab:

The Housing Lab expanded Esusu’s network, provided advice and insights on local, state, and federal public policy, and provided the opportunity to partner with multiple other Housing Lab cohort members.

Esusu now covers over 2.5 million units, providing an average of 51-point improvement in renter credit for the renters that opt-in. In 2020 they launched a philanthropic fund to provide forgivable zero-interest loans to thousands of renters who fall behind on rent. In Fall 2021, Esusu announced a five year agreement with Freddie Mac to help make rent reporting the industry standard. In January 2022, they raised $130M and reached a valuation of $1 billion.

Link to read the full blog post.

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